Michael is an extremely gifted Medium and Reiki Master. His gifts are astonishing and rare because of his ability to see, speak, and communicate with people's Guardian Angel's and Angels in general. He also sees and communicates with Spirit Guides and people who have passed.

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Greta is the Founder of RISE Paranormal and her gifts of claircognizance helps guide her fellow teammates. She is extremely adept at assessing each case and asking the right questions for both clients and spirits. 

Trevor is a powerful and outstandingly gifted Medium. His gifts are remarkable and unique because of his ability to feel the energy in the atmosphere and weather which aids him in energy manipulation. He also sees and communicates with people who have passed to help solve paranormal activity. 

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Gena is an extraordinarily gifted Reiki Master and Medium. Her gifts are rare because of her ability and affinity for Distance Reiki. From anywhere in the world she can do a Reiki Clearing on a home or a personal Reiki Healing session for you and it will be the same as if she were there in person!  After your session, she always relays messages she receives from spirit.

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No matter what pain, anguish, or darkness a soul has been through they can always come out of it stronger. It may take time but sometimes darkness can show you the light.  

"When Ashes Fall, The Legends Rise." - Godsmack

In dark hauntings that are frightening and never ending, there is always hope. The soul is indomitable, and at RISE we specialize in transmuting negative energy to positive energy to help spirits transform so they can RISE.




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