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If you are experiencing paranormal activity please do not hesitate to reach out for help. RISE will work to empower you and your family, to know your inner strength so you can create the peaceful home you desire. If you would like RISE to conduct a paranormal investigation, they will send team members to your location for a consultation to assess the paranormal claims. RISE Paranormal has an inherent gift of making their clients feel extremely comfortable during their engagements. They bring a levelheaded and confident atmosphere into your home.


Next, the investigators will take a tour of the building, home, or property and document any abnormalities. No paranormal issues are shared with the team's Mediums, they go into every location blind and not knowing anything. They will walk the property separate from each other taking notes on what they pick up on. When their walk is completed, they will compare their findings with the client and discuss a course of action. 


During this time, one of our other team members will take baseline EMF and temperature readings and make notes of any anomalies. 

If further investigation is needed RISE will return and set up audio and video equipment and begin trying to recreate and potentially disprove personal experiences in an attempt to find sound evidence either for or against paranormal activity.

They help clients to understand the nature of the paranormal issues being experienced, supplying you with the information to understand why the activity may be occurring and how little danger is actually involved.

During the return visit, RISE requires the homeowners to be extremely quiet as to not tamper with the evidence. Going out for the evening or staying at a hotel or a relatives home is preferred. 

When the investigation is complete they will share their findings with you and come to a satisfactory conclusion for all parties involved, both living and spirit. Helping the souls rise to the light is their top priority. If after the investigation it is determined by RISE that there is true paranormal activity in the home/business and the home/business owners are uncomfortable with any of the entities that are currently occupying the space; the professionals of RISE will help the spirit(s) move on.

Clients are welcome to copies of any of the recorded media. 

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