If you are experiencing paranormal activity please do not hesitate to reach out for help. RISE will work to empower you and your family, to know your inner strength so you can create the peaceful home you desire. If you would like RISE to conduct a paranormal investigation, they will send team members to your location for a consultation to assess the paranormal claims. RISE Paranormal has an inherent gift of making their clients feel extremely comfortable during their engagements. They bring a levelheaded and confident atmosphere into your home.


Next, the investigators will take a tour of the building, home, or property and document any abnormalities. No paranormal issues are shared with the team Mediums Michael or Gena. They go into every location blind and not knowing anything. They will walk the property separate from each other taking notes on what they pick up on. After they will compare their findings with the client and discuss a course of action. 


During this time, one of our other team members will take baseline EMF and temperature readings and make notes of any anomalies. 

If further investigation in needed RISE will return and set up audio and video equipment and begin trying to recreate and potentially disprove personal experiences in an attempt to find sound evidence either for or against paranormal activity.

They help clients to understand the nature of the paranormal issues being experienced, supplying you with the information to understand why the activity may be occurring and how little danger is actually involved.

During the return visit, RISE requires the homeowners to be extremely quiet as to not tamper with the evidence. Going out for the evening or staying at a hotel or a relatives home is preferred. 

When the investigation is complete they will share their findings with you and come to a satisfactory conclusion for all parties involved, both living and spirit. Helping the souls rise to the light is their top priority. If after the investigation it is determined by RISE that there is true paranormal activity in the home/business and the home/business owners are uncomfortable with any of the entities that are currently occupying the space; the professionals of RISE will help the spirit(s) move on.

Clients are welcome to copies of any of the recorded media. 

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If you feel as though you do not need a full paranormal  investigation and would just like a home/business clearing then this service is perfect for you. This service is great for Real Estate that is not selling due to unexplained activity or home/business owners dealing with hauntings and paranormal activity.


The professional Mediums at RISE, with the help of the Angels, will communicate with the souls causing activity and help the spirits raise their own vibrations so that they can move on. People sometimes forget, or may not even realize, that most spirits we encounter are people as well! However, due to individual circumstances related to their passing, they have remained on this plain and have not yet crossed into the light. They may be lost, angry, sad, confused, or may even have some “unfinished business” that prevents them from moving on.


Also, the RISE team will work with the home/business owners, empowering them to understand their own energy and inner strength and to know that no negative energy is stronger than them and that nothing is stronger than the light that we all have within us!




Spirits can inhabit plots of land, potential building sites, farmland, parks, or public land like forests that may adjoin to a home. They may have a relation to the land, such as having passed away on the site or the area being familiar and comforting to them from when they were alive. They may feel possessive of that area because it reminds them of how they were before their passing. Spirit can also be attracted to the positive or familiar energy of a specific area. Some common examples include low vibrational energies being drawn to a place of higher vibration, energy phenomenon known as ley lines may run through the property, or the spirit sees the property as a place where there is something for them to gain. As a result the negative energy from these entities can impede progress during construction, cause issues with business production, cause a sense of dread or uneasiness in the surrounding area, or even affect the moods and behavior or people who visit, live, or work on the land. 


RISE will visit the site in question and assess whether there is in fact any spirit inhabiting the land. If there is in fact paranormal activity, the Mediums of RISE will communicate with the souls around the site, helping them raise there vibration so that they can rise to the light themselves. Next, RISE will utilize sage and frankincense to clear the land of any residual energy the spirits may have left behind. This way the spirits will find the peace they need and the people in the area will feel comfortable and unhindered in living, developing, or working the land. 



Residual negative energy can come in many forms. When there is paranormal activity in a home and the spirit has moved on there could still be residual energy that is left behind by that entity. The energy can reside throughout the building, in certain rooms, or even in specific objects. This energy can occasionally affect the people in the immediate area by altering their moods, emotions, or behavior. Perhaps you have moved into a new home or business and would like a Blessing to clear out any residual energy from the previous tenants.


Home or business Blessings can help that residual energy clear out so the residence or business can be completely rid of this negative energy and everyone affected, directly or indirectly, can continue to live in peace. This service is conducted separately from Home/Land Clearings since it does not involve any current sentient paranormal activity and heals negative residual energy that is left behind.

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The professionals at RISE also offer Medium Readings as a service to help clients. Some reasons people may want a reading includes grieving over the loss of a loved one, the need or desire for guidance in specific areas of their lives, or perhaps they are sensitive to spirituality and would like to know more about their own gifts and how to develop them. Guardian Angel Readings, Human Spirit Readings and Psychically Gifted classes and workshops are offered by RISE. These services not only help people find guidance or closure, but they also help individuals feel empowered and confident in their lives. Readings and Workshops can help people feel more confident and comfortable in the world around them increasing inner strength.



Reiki is a form of alternative medicine called energy healing. Reiki aids in relaxation, assists in the body's natural healing processes, and can develop emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. It is also said to induce deep relaxation, help people cope with difficulties, relieve emotional stress, and improve overall well being.


In many cases, there can be lower vibrational energy from the homeowners or maybe there has been a lot of arguing or uneasiness among the residents of the home or even employees in a business. This intrusive energy can also come from a former resident or employee who may have been especially negative themselves. As a result, this energy can linger and affect the people still living or working in the building.


Having a Reiki Healing session done on yourself or the building can clear out this negative and invasive energy making the energy peaceful and light. This can also raise the vibration of everyone that may have been affected, increasing the quality of life for the homeowners and improving work efficiency of employees creating a positive and inspiring atmosphere.