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Spirits can inhabit plots of land, potential building sites, farmland, parks, or public land like forests that may adjoin to a home. They may have a relation to the land, such as having passed away on the site or the area being familiar and comforting to them from when they were alive. They may feel possessive of that area because it reminds them of how they were before their passing. Spirit can also be attracted to the positive or familiar energy of a specific area. Some common examples include low vibrational energies being drawn to a place of higher vibration, energy phenomenon known as ley lines may run through the property, or the spirit sees the property as a place where there is something for them to gain. As a result the negative energy from these entities can impede progress during construction, cause issues with business production, cause a sense of dread or uneasiness in the surrounding area, or even affect the moods and behavior of people who visit, live, or work on the land. 


RISE will visit the site in question and assess whether there is in fact any spirit inhabiting the land. If there is paranormal activity, the Mediums of RISE will communicate with the souls around the site, helping them raise there vibration so that they can rise to the light. Next, RISE will utilize sage, frankincense and other Essential Oils to clear the land of any residual energy the spirits may have left behind. This way the spirits will find the peace they need and the people in the area will feel comfortable and unhindered in living, developing, or working the land. 

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