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If you feel as though you do not need a full paranormal  investigation and would just like a home/business clearing then this service is perfect for you. This service is great for home/business owners dealing with hauntings and paranormal activity and even Real Estate that is not selling due to unexplained activity.


The professional Mediums at RISE, with the help of the Angels, will communicate with the souls causing activity and help the spirits raise their own vibrations so that they can rise to the light. People sometimes forget, or may not even realize, that most spirits we encounter are people as well! However, due to individual circumstances related to their passing, they have remained on this plain and have not yet crossed into the light. They may be lost, angry, sad, confused, or may even have some “unfinished business” that prevents them from moving on.


The RISE team will work with both spirit and home/business owners, empowering them to understand their own energy and inner strength and to know that no negative energy is stronger than them and that nothing is stronger than the light that we all have within us!



Have you been experiencing strange paranormal activity at your listing or home? Are you having trouble selling your home(s)? RISE also specializes in assisting Real Estate Agents and homeowners who have a property for sale. By clearing the home's negative energy, the property’s appeal to potential homebuyers is increased. RISE will help any spirits on the property raise their vibration so they can move on and will eliminate any negative residual energy that creates the "doesn't feel right" sensation that many potential buyers experience. Everything in the universe consists of energy, and property sales due to foreclosure, short sale, divorce, death in the family, can create stressful energy that can linger in homes. An energy clearing will eliminate that negative feeling and get you off to a fresh new start.


Whether you’re having trouble selling, or looking to raise its value, House Clearings and Blessings can improve people’s reactions to your space dramatically!