Greta Pait

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Greta is from a small rural farming town called Bladenboro in North Carolina. She moved to California when she was 21 to attend college at California State University at San Marcos where she obtained her Bachelors degree in Business Administration with a Minor in Video and Film Production.
At RISE Paranormal, she is also the website designer, manager, researcher, podcast producer and moderator. From creating the Phoenix logo and sun symbol to the name of R.I.S.E. (Rise & Inspire Soul Empowerment), she is a driving force that keeps RISE Paranormal on track. She is an extremely talented Website Designer and has many inspiring ideas that she loves to bring to life in her designs. Greta's business is called Bella Pearl Productions, and she helps entrepreneurs streamline and focus their marketing and branding needs for their business by building their website, helping clients create logos, tag lines, and much more! 
Greta has the psychic gift of Claircognizance which can be described as intuitions that appear out of nowhere in the mind. Claircognizance (clear recognition) is simply knowing through some gut instinct without any evidence. Claircognizants "know" specific things through their own psychic feelings, which are directly manifested as thoughts. This can be information and facts that seem to be downloaded into the awareness. It can also be perceptions and insights regarding people and circumstances. Often, this takes the form of a strong sense of knowing, or an inspired idea. This information is given by angels, spirit guides, or high-level communications with other forces of the universe. The access point is through the crown chakra which is located on top of the head. Claircognizant people are generally very analytical in nature. They are seekers who want to understand the universe.

Using her gifts Greta, along with her team mates, help souls who are lost to rise to the light. When souls experience anger, trauma, or other stressors, whether it be from life or in spirit, it is not uncommon for them to stick around when they pass away. Greta's great passion is bringing healing to souls who have been through traumatic/stressful experiences. She helps many different types of souls who include human, elemental, and fallen angels to find healthy perceptions of themselves and others so they can know themselves as peaceful, complete, whole, and safe.