Gena Zittlow

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Gena was born in Illinois and moved to California in 1984. She has been a highly gifted intuitive since she was a child and was raised in a family of psychics. Unfortunately, like what so many others with psychic gifts have experienced, it was a topic that no one ever talked about. She was not supported in her gifts and so they were shut down for a significant time period. Because of this, Gena is very passionate about helping others with psychic gifts to be proud of who they are and not to be afraid to discuss it openly.  

Gena specializes in energy manipulation and is an extremely gifted Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor, Psychic Medium, Massage Therapist, and Real Estate Broker. Her intuitive gifts and ability to manipulate energy has aided her to become extremely skillful in all her endeavors.

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Gena became a licensed Massage Therapist in 1990 specializing in deep tissue. Her clients were mostly athletes, volley ball players and tennis players. It was during this time period she began to open up to her gifts again after being shut down for years. She just intuitively "knew" where to focus on the client, how hard or soft to apply pressure, and even knew why, without being told.  She would pick up psychic messages from the client she was working on and would just blurt things out as they crossed her mind. After receiving validation from clients on the information she was receiving, Gena began to believe in her psychic abilities again. She is a true receiver of information and it always seemed to be the right thing to say at the right time.

She became a Real Estate Broker in 1999 and instinctively used her gifts to help her clients. Throughout her real estate career, she noticed, like with her massage clients, she just psychically "knew" certain information. For example, what house people would buy, what the price would be, when a house would sell, and even when the real estate market was going to decline.


Gena’s intuitive gifts kept growing, so she decided it was time to explore the spiritual side of her gifts even more and was extremely honored to begin studying Kundalini Yoga directly under Harbhajan Singh Khalsa, also known as Yogi Bhajan and Siri Singh Sahib to his followers. Yogi Bhajan was from India and was a yogi, spiritual teacher, and entrepreneur and he introduced his version of Kundalini Yoga to the United States in 1969. Before his passing he gave Gena the spiritual name Jiwan Mukta Kaur, which means The Princess Who Is Liberated While Alive. Gena was at one of the last classes he held just before he passed away, and she has now been a Kundalini Yoga Instructor for 15 years.   


Since opening up fully to her psychic gifts, Gena has grown stronger and more confident. She has become a Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher. Reiki is a form of alternative medicine called energy healing. Gena is so skilled at Energy Manipulation and Reiki Healing that from anywhere in the world she can do a Reiki Healing session for you and it will be the same as if she were there in person! She has taken classes from Angel Medium Michael, where her Guardian Angels taught her how to refine her skills as a Reiki practitioner and to open up more to her Mediumship abilities.


As a Medium she can see and communicate with human spirit. They bring messages for loved ones which helps bring comfort and closure to her clients. Gena uses her Mediumship abilities to also help lower vibrational entities by helping them raise their energy to help move these beautiful lost souls to the light. Whether the human spirit is of a high light vibration or a low dark vibration, Gena specializes in speaking with them to deliver messages and/or help them.


Gena has utilized all these talents and gifts to become an Intuitive Transformational Coach. This means she intuitively and with a set plan, coaches clients to move in the right direction in their lives.  She “knows” what to say and coach without needing much outside influence. By tuning into the client’s energy, she is able to deliver profound information that really transforms their perspective and situation.


Because Gena loves educating herself and growing more in her gifts, she is now studying Akashic Record Readings. She is a life long student always looking to expand her repertoire.