Q. What is an EVP?

A. An EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) is the ability to record spirit sounds or voices on a tape or digital voice recorder. The experimenter can ask questions and may get a response. The response can be in any form, such as an answer to a direct question, asking a question, making a statement or a moan or any other intelligible form. The voices can only be heard when playing the tape back. If you can hear it in real time, it is NOT an EVP. 

Q. What is an apparition? 

A. Apparitions is another term that is somewhat used loosely. Basically, an apparition is the visual appearance or manifestation of a spirit or any unusual visual phenomena that may or may not necessarily take the shape of a human form. An apparition can be that of a spirit/soul that has manifested or it can also be a negative entity. Apparitions can also be in the form of animals. They can appear as white, wispy, cloudy shapes or a dark  shadowy form. These are often called Shadow People.

Q. What is a poltergeist? 

A. Poltergeist is a German word that means "noisy spirit." The word comes from the German term poltern which means "to knock" and geist which means "spirit". The best defining mark of a poltergeist is any manipulation of the physical environment of objects, physical attacks, etc.. 

Q. My home is haunted. What do I do?

A. Well, the first step is to really analyze the situation yourself. Think about all the things that you feel are happening and try to determine if any could possibly be caused by nature or human interaction. If there is anything that you can rule as a natural occurrence then you should rule that phenomena out. What you want to look for are the things that are truly unexplainable. There are sure signs of a haunting, such as objects being moved, voices, clouds, or mist, physical interaction and apparitions. If you truly feel your home is experiencing paranormal phenomena, then contact RISE and they will help you.

Q. Can you guarantee to get rid of a haunting?

A. RISE Paranormal will do their absolute best to help the soul(s) haunting you to raise their vibration and move on. RISE cannot guarantee the spirits will listen. Souls/spirits are people and RISE cannot make someone do something they do not want to do. RISE utilizes Mediums that can speak with the spirit to figure out the issue of why the spirit will not leave. They will answer questions the soul has with the Angel's help, and help them rise to the light and not to be afraid. Equally important is the homeowner/residents energy and belief system. RISE will work to empower you and your family, to know your inner strength so you can create the peaceful home you desire.  

Q. Does RISE just want to investigate claims and not help solve the haunting?

A. Absolutely not. RISE takes paranormal investigating a step further by trying to solve the haunting and helping the soul(s) causing the paranormal activity to rise to the light with the guidance of the angels.

Q. What sets RISE Paranormal apart from other paranormal investigators?

A. RISE is unique in that they have the ability to communicate with the soul causing the activity and the soul's Guardian Angel to help him/her rise. We all have Guardian Angels and when someone passes away that does not change, even in death the Guardian Angel is there waiting to help their charge. Most paranormal groups research and investigate the claims to prove there is a haunting, however RISE does all of this in addition to providing solutions to help resolve the haunting. Because of their extraordinary gifts and abilities, investigative techniques, and assistance from the angels, RISE is able to piece together what is happening with each individual case.

Q. Why don't the souls causing activity just rise to the light on their own?

A. There are numerous reasons why souls do not rise to the light. RISE Paranormal does not claim to know of every single reason why a soul would choose to stay or why they become stuck. However there are some reasons RISE does know of.

1. They are afraid they will go to hell for eternity for wrong doings

2. They do not even know they are dead

3. They are so depressed or angry they cannot even see the light to cross over

4. They have been tricked or lied to by other entities to stay

5. They were murdered or killed tragically causing them to be confused and disoriented

6. They are emotionally attached to material possessions 

The more investigations and clearings RISE performs the more they learn about why souls have chosen to stay or why they are stuck. 



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