Dr. Michael Terzi



Dr. Michael was born in Queens New York. His family moved to California when he was in high school and he has been in California ever since.


After Dr. Michael awakened to his Mediumship abilities, he discovered we all have Guardian Angels that are always with us and love us unconditionally. Doctor Mike has an amazing ability to deliver the Angel's messages with empathy and compassion, bringing insight, clarity, and comfort to his clients. He also has an affinity and natural ability to transmute negative energy to positive energy which helps spirit(s) raise their vibration.


He has always felt the need to help and protect others and for years he worked as a Paramedic and Firefighter where he provided life support, and ambulatory care to extremely ill and injured patients. He was called to many wild and residential fires where he would contain and extinguish the fires, assist victims, and prevent escalation. Dr. Michael consistently instituted his best practices and emergency therapy needed to save lives, and he became very adept at dealing with various medical emergencies. 


Dr. Michael graduated from Western University of Health Sciences and received his Doctorate Degree in Optometry. Because of his science background he connects spirituality/energy with scientific reasoning. Tying both concepts together of transmuting negative energy to positive energy with science is illustrated with the Law of Conservation, energy cannot be created or destroyed, but only changed from one form into another or transferred from one object to another.



From an early age Michael was having paranormal experiences. At only 9 years old he did not fully understand the realm of the paranormal and just dismissed the encounters as his imagination. As he grew up the paranormal experiences became less and less to eventually not having any at all.
He attended California State University at San Marcos where he majored in Kinesiology/Physical Therapy and Pre Med.
After graduation Michael was accepted by Western University of Health Sciences into their 4 year Doctor of Optometry program. During his 4 years at Western University there were higher levels of stress and pressure that he and other students around him were under due to the intense curriculum of the school. He started to notice he was feeling strange or different than how he normally felt when trying to study or concentrate on exams. It took a few years to realize what was happening, but one day he realized he was feeling other people's emotions. 

Michael finally understood that he was an empath. Empaths are people who have the psychic ability to feel and experience the emotional state of another individual. Without proper training empaths absorb other people's emotions, which is exactly what was happening to Michael. It was hindering his studies and making it more difficult for him to concentrate during his classes. 

Soon, Michael discovered that being an Empath was just the tip of the iceberg, a precursor to what his gift really was. He began having paranormal experiences again after they had been shut off for years and soon spirit started coming to him. Michael never in a million years believed he would be a Medium, as a matter of fact he was a huge skeptic of it all. Its one of those things that you just don't believe until it happens to you. 

Soon after, he was sitting at home one day thinking about all the changes that were happening to him in such a short time and how he really did not want to be a Medium. He was a little freaked out and frustrated about everything when he saw a spirit come to him that was so bright he could not look at it directly. Michael did not know what was happening, then the spirit spoke to him and said "I am your Guardian." It was then Michael realized he was speaking with his Guardian Angel. 

Ever since the encounter with his Guardian Angel Michael's gifts have grown exponentially. He is able to connect with people's Guardian Angel's which greatly helps his clients by giving them much needed guidance, encouragement, and self empowerment. Michael also connects with people's Guardians in order to solve the paranormal activity clients are experiencing in their homes or businesses. The Angel's guide him, which is another huge advantage that separates RISE Paranormal from other paranormal groups.
With the Angel's help he receives a very clear insight to what is causing the paranormal activity and assists the soul(s) by helping them transmute their negative energy to positive energy so they can rise.

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