Residual negative energy can come in many forms. When there is paranormal activity in a home and the spirit has moved on there could still be residual energy that is left behind by that entity. The energy can reside throughout the building, in certain rooms, or even in specific objects. This energy can occasionally affect the people in the immediate area by altering their moods, emotions, or behavior. Perhaps you have moved into a new home or business and would like a Blessing to clear out any residual energy from the previous tenants.


Home or business Blessings can help that residual energy clear out so the residence or business can be completely rid of this negative energy and everyone affected, directly or indirectly, can continue to live in peace. This service is conducted separately from Home/Land Clearings since it does not involve any current sentient paranormal activity and heals negative residual energy that is left behind.


No matter what pain, anguish, or darkness a soul has been through they can always come out of it stronger. It may take time but sometimes darkness can show you the light.  

"When Ashes Fall, The Legends Rise." - Godsmack

In dark hauntings that are frightening and never ending, there is always hope. The soul is indomitable, and at RISE we specialize in transmuting negative energy to positive energy to help spirits transform so they can RISE.




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