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Who We Are


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RISE Paranormal is located in Temecula California wine country and was formed with the purpose of helping those experiencing paranormal activity by investigating their claims in a professional and confidential manner. RISE utilizes both paranormal research equipment and their extraordinary gifts and abilities. The professionals at RISE specialize in transmuting negative energy to positive energy, and this is done in order to help lost souls RISE to the light by helping them raise their energy so they can find the light for themselves and to aid those still living to cope with various paranormal issues. RISE Paranormal brings both a scientific and spiritual approach to solve any paranormal activity. RISE hopes to revolutionize the way spirits and hauntings are perceived by removing the fear and teaching self empowerment and love. Another part of our mission is to educate people that forgiveness, love and inner strength are more powerful than fear and anger. These virtues empower each person to better themselves and those around them. Truly understanding these values reveals to us that we must never give our power away to these entities by reacting with fear and anger.   


After contacting RISE, a case file will be created, and RISE will send team members to your location for a consultation to assess the paranormal claims. They have an inherent gift of making their clients feel extremely comfortable during their engagements. They bring a levelheaded and confident atmosphere into your home.


Next, the investigators will take a tour of the building, home, or property and document any abnormalities. No paranormal encounters or issues are shared with the team's Mediums. They go into every location blind and not knowing anything. They will walk the property separate from each other taking notes on what they pick up on. After they will compare their findings with the client and discuss a course of action. During this time, one of our other team members will take baseline EMF and temperature readings and make notes of any anomalies.


If further investigation is needed RISE will return and set up audio and video equipment and begin trying to recreate and potentially disprove personal experiences in an attempt to find sound evidence either for or against paranormal activity.


They help clients to understand the nature of the paranormal issues being experienced, supplying you with the information to understand why the activity may be occurring and how little danger is actually involved. RISE Paranormal's Mediums will use their gifts to find out exactly what is happening and help any lost, angry, or confused soul(s).


Clients will most likely need to have a reading to figure out why the paranormal activity is occurring. This can be extremely important and helpful to figure out exactly why this activity is happening to them.


When the investigation is complete they will share their findings with you and come to a satisfactory conclusion for all parties involved, both living and in spirit. Clients are welcome to copies of any recorded media.  

The Process
How RISE is unique


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Paranormal investigators decide if a place is haunted based on the conclusion of evidence gathered during the investigation. After going through all the evidence and finally being able to prove the client is experiencing paranormal activity they are at a loss regarding how to help solve the haunting and help the soul(s). That is where RISE is different, they will help the soul move on by helping the soul raise their vibration so they can rise to the light.


RISE Paranormal's Mediums will speak with the spirit to figure out the exact issue of why the spirit will not leave. Then they will answer questions the soul(s) has with the Angel's help, and explain to them how to rise, and not to be afraid. RISE Paranormal specializes in transmuting the soul's negative energy to positive energy to help the spirits transform so they can rise. Equally important is the homeowner/residents energy and beliefs system. RISE will work to empower you and your family, to know your inner strength so you can create the peaceful home that you desire.


RISE is unique in that they have the ability to communicate with the soul causing the activity and the soul's Guardian Angel to help him/her rise. We all have Guardian Angels and when someone passes away that does not change, even in death the Guardian Angel is there waiting to help their charge. Because of RISE Paranormal's investigative techniques, and assistance from the Angels, they are able to explain what is happening and the circumstances related to each individual case. RISE also wants to educate people not to be afraid of what they do not understand. No lost, confused, or angry fear based entity has more power than you do.

Mind Set

RISE Mind Set

Empowering All Souls Through Education of Love and Light

We want to educate people not to be afraid of what they do not understand. No fear based entity in the universe has more power than you. We want to empower people by helping them realize their inner strength and that each and everyone of them has a Guardian Angel that loves them unconditionally and is always by their side. It is our hope that this knowledge gives our clients the freedom to live their lives without fear of the unknown. All they need to do is ask for their Guardian Angel's help and guidance. No one is ever truly alone.

Do Not Be Afraid!


*Fun Fact: the background photo is of Temecula!

Logo Meaning
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Phoenix Logo & Sun Symbol

Meaning of Hope and Infinity

The soul is indomitable, it will never be killed, it lives on forever. RISE Paranormal’s logo the Phoenix is a symbol of rebirth and transformation from the ashes of the past, the hardships and pain. It also represents the victory of life over death, thus immortality. The depressed, angry, and confused spirits can still RISE from the ashes and overcome their pain and anger. No matter how dark the soul they can transform.

RISE Paranormal's sun symbol represents new beginnings. The darkness that follows a sunset is never so dark that it can change the inevitability of a sunrise.

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